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Tom McManus has over 25 years experience working in technology in business, Federal Government, healthcare, Higher Education and startups. Ten years ago he reserved the domains "bostonopensource.com" and "bostonlinux.com" knowing that one day he would create a business based on Open Source technology. The climate is perfect for Boston Linux Technology to take its place in the world of technology.

Without opensource, online business such as Google, Amazon, Yahoo, or Netflix just wouldn't exist. The beauty of Opensource is it works for all sizes of businesses. Whether you are a solopreneur, entrepreneur starting a business or an established corporation we all share the same goals: to lower the cost of business and to keep our information secure.

All software has a license. For example, if you buy Microsoft Office you pay for the license. However, if you use Open Office, the license is free. Just like Open Office, there are thousands of opensource applications that you can leverage for your business.

We're here to help lower your costs, keep your business information secure and provide technical support.

Boston Linux Technology is open(source) for business! I am excited to leverage my experience and vast network of technology professionals to help you meet your goals. Boston Linux Technology is building bridges between you and the world wide web.

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To learn more about Opensource technology, follow this link to "What is Opensource?"